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In the food service industry, we see much ignorance and misunderstanding about sustainability and healthy food. With impending matters of climate change we can no longer afford to simply ignore the matter. In addition, we are struck at the fact that less than 10% of adults eat the daily recommended servings of vegetables. We realized that people struggle to eat well in part because they are bombarded with nutrition and sustainability information every day, making it difficult to sort through fact and fiction. Similarly, we know you want to make business decisions that have a positive impact on both the world and your wallet, but it’s hard to know where to begin. We take these matters into our own hands to help make the necessary impact to ensure a vibrant future for our industry and our planet.  

In the face of pressing global issues such as climate change, consumers and providers are hungry for change. Consumers today are demanding suitable choices which make the world the better place, and support restaurants, caterers, and other industry leaders which implement sustainable practices. Your company is uniquely poised to impact the future of the food industry and of our planet. We provide resources to introduce smart, healthy, sustainable dishes whilst saving costs, and reducing waste.


Our ambitious team of chefs, nutritionists, and behavioural scientists work to ensure that healthy and sustainable food is cost effective, delicious, and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Step by step, we help introduce green dishes that speak to patrons. In doing so businesses empower staff with a good mission, and connect more deeply with customers. By implementing our sustainable, green practices within your foodservice operation, you also make the investment to quantify the short and long term impact of each improvement you make within your organization.


Our unique way of working aims to make the biggest impact possible.

  • Maximize potential savings and impact (Business Case First Approach).
  • Guide and motivate teams for long-term impact (Implementation Methods).
  • Measure results (Return on Investment).
  • Make your efforts visible with a Greendish Certification.

By thinking out-of-the-box and listening to guests and clients, we create inventive solutions and constantly improve our methods to the latest research and business insights. We strive to operate from a growth mindset, adapting techniques based on the latest research and business insights.

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Measurable impact and results 

Empower and motivate staff

Connect with customers and guests

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