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Eurest: SME in lunch catering

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Compass Group

Compass-group is a company that is widely known in the food-service industry. You will most likely have had a meal or lunch from one of their annual 5.5 billion dishes sold worldwide. In The Netherlands alone there are 1.700 venues at company-restaurants, health care facilities, education buildings, government buildings or other type of facilities. They take high care to ensure the best quality and safety for their products and are continuously working to further optimise the health, sustainability and flavour of their products.

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The Conclusion

Compass-group now serves healthier, sustainable dishes to happier customers.


For an industry leader Compass-group and its subsidiary Eurest are very progressive and innovative companies. They took on the challenge to change their sandwich-recipes in a more sustainable and healthy way. The major challenge in this is not simply to alter the recipes, but to maintain the guest satisfaction and preparation time and handling with the new and improved portioning. And who would be more suitable to help Compass-group with its new mission than GREENDISH? Hence Compass Group invited GREENDISH to lead their journey.


GREENDISH helped Compass-group to develop more sustainable and healthy recipes while maintaining or increasing guest satisfaction. For this project GREENDISH used its tasting framework and sustainability menu engineering methodology to greenify the dishes.

From a previous pilot study we know that simply adding a few leaves of lettuce does not do the trick. So we worked together with the Compass-group culinary team to develop new sustainable and healthy recipes with different portion sizes and improved flavour. Over 400 of their guests filled in a guest satisfaction form for the old and the new recipes, allowing us to compare guest satisfaction in both conditions. The new recipes were tested at 6 Dutch locations; KPN, TataSteel, Schiphol Airport, AkzoNobel, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties and Shell.


During this large scale research study we found out that guest satisfaction did not change significantly and even seemed to have increased for taste and overall valuation of the sandwiches!

Directly after we presented the positive results Compass-group started implementing the new recipes.  Nationwide that will lead to healthier food consumption for all their guests. On average the guests ate more vegetables and less meat or fish. This not only affects the health of the guest in the long term but also the business case. Overall Campass Group is able save cut cost, and increase profit. The biggest impact made and the main reason for GREENDISH and Compass Group to team up is the environmental impact. 1.400.000 kg’s of CO2 production and 550.000 m3 water can be saved on an annual basis in the Netherlands alone, this is comparable to more than 350 trips around the world and 12.500 persons showering daily for a year!

Whats next

Together with Compass-Group we are greenifying their total line-up of sandwiches and help them to implement the winning recipes nationwide at all their facilities. We aim to certify Compass Group in 2019 as one of the first companies that greenified dishes at such a big scale. We will calculate the environmental impact for them and will keep challenging them to greenify other type of dishes.