Health Challenge


In Rotterdam they believe in prevention, because it is better to be safe than sorry. How are Rotterdammers tempted into healthy behavior? By developing more and more initiatives that help people developing and maintaining a healthy(er) lifestyle. 

Gezond010 brings together initiatives that contribute to a healthier Rotterdam. They inspire with success stories from the city, encourage organizations to follow these good examples and foster cooperation. Rotterdam is a city with healthy ambitions, which can be achieve together through projects like Gezond010.

Gezond010 Impact at glance


Participating organizations


Employees inspired


New healthy products


Continue to promote healthy products

Challenge method

One of the most important goals of the challenge was that employees of the participating organizations gained confidence in the sale of healthy products. They participated in an experiment week in which they carried out their ideas. ‘The method was developed on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and is now being implemented on a large scale in the municipality of Rotterdam for the first time. It is good to see that the approach appears to work in so many different places and leads to many positive changes among the participants! ‘Says Joris Heijnen, founder and director of Greendish. A number of organizations also followed an additional workshop.


The goal of the Food Challenge010 in Rotterdam (part of Gezond010) is offering more healthy products and healthier variants, so that consumers and visitors can make responsible choices more easily. Under the guidance of Greendish, 16 organizations made their offer healthier and tested what effect this had on consumers. They have shown their healthier food in all sorts of ways: through posters and chalk boards, a tasting, an attractive presentation and oral advertising.


The challenge was a success: in total, participants introduced 41 new healthy products and sold more than 132,000 healthy products. Because of the challenge, Rotterdammers were offered standard wholemeal products and extra vegetables for example. In addition, they had a greater choice of healthy snacks such as snack vegetables, healthy bars and fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. Consumers appreciated the adjustments in the offer. Together with good turnover, this encouraged employees to have confidence in making their food supply healthier. As many as 90% of the participants want to continue offering the new products.