How To Leverage Sustainability To Increase Business Profitability

Bold Leadership in the Food Service Industry Caters to People & Planet

What if the food sector was a leading force of positive change in the world? What if leaders and changemakers in the food sector trailblazed a shared mission; build a regenerative, sustainable industry and food supply for generations to come?

Sound lofty? We think not. Particularly given the innovation taking hold within the industry, growing consumer demand for companies to take accountability, and the proven business benefits resulting from the adoption of sustainable models and techniques.

The Problem

Global demand for food is predicted to rise 59 – 98% by 2050, according to the Harvard Business Journal. The negative ecological and social impacts resulting from the agricultural sector scaling en masse to meet the increased demand are profound, and further tax our planet’s limited natural resources and biodiversity. Yet, farmers, wholesalers, truckers and food packers throw away nearly 25 percent of food that is grown deemed not “attractive” enough to make distribution. And 20 percent of all waste in landfills is food, according to Environmental Protection Agency.

When we calculate the energy, carbon and water footprints associated with the front-end production of the food that is wasted, these become even more evidently staggering. Simply, this is impossible to maintain.  

As a result, consumers are increasingly critical. Consumers are concerned with their role in straining our planet’s resources. And a growing number are choosing to work, live, play and eat with companies who make a real commitment to sustainability.

A survey conducted by, found that 66 percent of consumers (globally) are willing to pay more for a product or service that is sustainable. 73 percent of millennials (defined as those born between 1977 and 1995) are willing to pay more, even though they are coming-of-age in one of the most difficult economic climates in 100 years.

But in a relatively new and unknown landscape, companies are lost as to how to “do sustainability” the right way; in order to make real impact.

In order to really make real impact in this global crisis, it can not be approached alone. It is imperative that companies, businesses, consumers, and sustainability experts work in a joint effort. Without a joint effort, change, real change can not progress.

But how do well meaning companies, and business, conscious consumers, and experts bridge the gap between to make real impact?


The Solution

This is where sustainability partners like Greendish come in. Greendish, food sector sustainability experts, help food sector companies, food service professionals, and restaurants address issues of sustainability, efficiency and customer satisfaction, while helping them be part of the solution to issues of climate change, food security and food waste. Greendish essentially bridges the gap between business interests, consumer satisfaction, and real sustainability impact on the planet.

At the forefront of Greendish’s strategy, is Sustainable Menu Engineering. Over the past seven years, the Greendish team has worked with Wageningen University & Research, a range of companies, and municipal governments to develop, test and measure the results and benefits of sustainable menu engineering.


What is Sustainable Menu Engineering?

Sustainable Menu Engineering is the proprietary method in which Greendish assists food sector vanguards to leverage innovations in food waste and sustainable practices.


Greendish Menu Engineering helps companies:

  • Reduce carbon-intensive food waste on plates, lowering environmental impacts.

Greendish help’s businesses choose ingredients that reduce negative environmental impacts.

  • Increase and/or maintain guest satisfaction and brand loyalty

Our proven track record of maintaining or increasing customer satisfaction will ensure guests are happy with menu selections, while respecting the sustainability and CSR efforts of your company.  

  • Improve bottom line & increase competitive advantage

By maximizing efficiencies and minimizing expenditures. Companies that integrate environmental and social responsibility into their organizations show higher profitability, higher dividend yield and lower tail risks, according to Forbes. Greendish has proven track record of earning clients from a wide range of companies and organizations a return on investment.

  • Bolster Corporate Social Responsibility & Marketing Advantage

By working with Greendish, companies develop a measurable competitive advantage that leverages business outcomes and leads to new business development.


The fragility of our planet requires a level of selflessness on the part of business and consumers today. In order to make real change businesses need to adopt a willingness to welcome research and science-based strategy by experts like Greendish; making a true commitment to people, planet, and profit into company culture.

Greendish is unique in that we understand intrinsically each of these components; people, planet, and profit. We’re committed to your success, and sharing our expertise in the food sector and sustainability to achieve your goals as sustainability forward business. Together, we can truly make impact our planet requires.

By taking the first step we can help you to identify potential savings, opportunities for improvement, and a sustainable value proposition for your company.

Contact us for an Impact Scan today.