Restaurants of Tomorrow

Make Restaurants Become more Sustainable in Cities and States

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The Earth will no longer be able to cope with our current consumption pattern in the future. In 2050 we will need 70% more food if we fail to change our eating habits. Moreover, around 1/3 or all the food that is produced is thrown away. At Greendish, we find this sinful and we are determined to do something about it! As a result, we come up with solutions that are not only good for the environment, but also for your health.

Greendish and  Nature & Environment  offer restaurants the opportunity to participate in the  Restaurants of Tomorrow  project. This project offers restaurants a comprehensive baseline measurement including tailor-made practical advice for improvement. The main goal is to use and reduce the amount of salt, sugar and fat in the menu.

By now, five municipalities in the Netherlands are very enthusiastic about the project. 23 restaurants in Ede, Wageningen, Nijkerk, Veenendaal and Rhenen participate in the project thus far. They can present themselves as the first municipalities in the Netherlands that make concrete contributions to public health and reduce the environmental impact of food. Healthy for the consumer, sustainable for society and cost-saving for the hospitality entrepreneur!

Intrigued by our project and wish to know more? Read the recent publication about the project Restaurants of tomorrow dealing with ways of making restaurants more sustainable. Read our latest publication on the potential environmental impact that can be made in the restaurant sector. Or contact us via the contact form below. 

The following restaurants now participate in Restaurants of Tomorrow:


  1. Café 100, Ede
  2. Steakhouse Amadeus, Ede
  3. Dixie’s, Ede
  4. Rode Peper & Basilicum, Ede
  5. Stadscafé Oscar, Ede
  6. RUIG Drinks & Bites, Ede
  7. Restaurant Buitenzorg, Ede
  8. De Bourgondiër, Ede


  1. Eetcafé H41, Wageningen
  2. Eetcafé Buurman & Buurman, Wageningen
  3. Eetcafé Café de Tijd, Wageningen
  4. Het Oude Pakhuis, Wageningen


  1. De Koning van Denemarken, Rhenen
  2. Restaurant Magnolia, Rhenen 



  1. Restaurant de Dolle Joncker, Nijkerk
  2. Old Niekark, Nijkerk
  3. Grand Café LUST, Nijkerk
  4. Grand Café De Haen, Hoevelaken
  5. Brasserie de Vuurtoren, Nijkerk
  6. Restaurant Grand Café Peacock’s, Nijkerk


  1. BITE, Veenendaal
  2. Restaurant De Hof, Veenendaal
  3. Brasserie de Plantage, Veenendaal

All these restaurants have participated in a base measurement and received personalised advice. Currently the restaurants receive numerous information sheets with practical knowledge and advice on the top priorities that came up during the project. Eight of the restaurants additionally receive individual guidance via workshops, team trainings and personal advice in house. 

Interested to be part of this unique opportunity? There are a limited number of places available. Sign up now and we will contact you as soon as possible

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