Greendish (formerly Variatie In De Keuken) founded in 2011, has been helping food industry professionals to not only make good food for people, but also make food that is good for the planet.

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Joris Heijnen

Founder | Director

Joris understands what drives the decision making of the food service industry. After 7 years of researching the motivation and barriers for change he knows what the key drivers are for success. He is also a trained chef with a critical and realistic view of what works in practice. The practical implications for kitchen staff is essential for successful sustainable interventions and to maintain long-term results.

Lilou van Lieshout


Lilou is dedicated to provide the best scientific basis for the interventions at stake; to ensure that the menu is more sustainable, healthier and more delicious! She has a passion for food and international experience with project management in a nutritional scientific environment.

Anne Pekelharing

IMPLEMENTATION consultant & account manager

Because of her education at the Hotel Management School Maastricht and experience in the food industry, Anne’s passion for food is nurtured day in day out. She is an energetic and enterprising person, she used to own a company for 6 years, where the main focus was concept development and implementing the food and beverage assortment for entrepreneurs. For example, the World Expo in Milan, the ADAM tower Madam and ‘Mooie Boules Amsterdam & Rotterdam’. She gets energy from absorbing information about trends in the food industry. She is at my best when she is busy with delicious food in a sustainable way and therefore our future. We feed the planet!

Rosjalie Jansen ​


Rosjalie is most interested in the psychological aspect of our work. Her daily job is to coach staff in the food service industry to actively participate in our programs. She is applies her knowledge on how nudging guests to make better food choices.

Jesse van de Sande

Project Officer

Jesse graduated in food technology, where she specialised herself in the field of gastronomy. Within various Greendish projects, she applies her passion and knowledge about food to guide the food service industry towards a more sustainable future.

Esther Buchel

Marketing & communication consultant

Arzien Wels


After 13 years of Marketing experience in and outside the Netherlands, Arzien wanted to make a positive contribution to the planet and started to work at WWF NL. For 5 years she has worked, together with FMCG companies, on sustainable sourcing. At the moment she is combining her commercial experience with her experience on sustainability to manage projects, aiming for sustainable and healthy menu’s at food serving companies. Using her management skills and the power to connect people, she creates support to get people involved, without losing sight of the commercial interest.

Arco Klop

Junior data analyst

Arco studies business economics. He has the ambition to enter the financial field after his education. At Greendish, he wants to gain experience for that.

In addition to this, he works at Greendish to contribute to a better world. He believes that we, as people, have to be sustainable with the earth.

The task of Arco within our team is to manage finances, make analyses and support the team.

Marissa Heddes


Marissa is a master student in Social, Health and Organisational Psychology. During her internship she wants to delve into sustainability and expand her knowledge on behavioural psychology. With this she hopes to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world. 

Janneke Derksen


Janneke is a master student in Social, Health and Organisational Psychology. During her internship  at Greendish, she want to learn applying her gained knowledge in behavioural psychology. With the aim to make the world environmentally conscious and more sustainable.


Samantha Goudsblom


Samantha is recently graduated as master student Environmental Psychology. Within this master she gained knowledge about psychological behavioral change with a focus on sustainability. During her traineeship at Greendish she hopes to apply these theories into practice. She wants to contribute to a more sustainable and healthier food market.

Toine van der Zanden

Chef & Culinary advisor

After years of experience in the food service branche as a chef and a restaurant owner, Toine now focuses on special culinary experiences. Throughout the years, Toine has learned that this experience is central in this field. His motto, therefore, is that the food service branche is an experience that should be achievable for everyone.


Sander Hecke

Board Chair

Sander is a managing pharmacist with several years of experience in consultancy for the medical sector. With his experience in several roles as a board member of different foundations he is a great asset to our team. His role is to advice Greendish on organizational aspects, staffing, insurances, risk management and continuity.

René van Troost

Board member

René has experience in product and application management for large companies such as TomTom and T-mobile and is CEO of a startup. He advises Greendish about marketing, strategy, product development and software development of the Greendish app and communication platform.

Jos van Oort


Jos has years of experience as a financial expert, real estate investment manager and is currently Acquisition Manager of offices and hotels. As a treasurer his main responsibility is to control the bookkeeping, provide strategic financial advice and cashflow management.