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Projects where we implement the methods developed

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (Dutch: VWS)

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is the Dutch Ministry responsible for public health, health care, quality of life, social work and sport. The ambition of the Ministry is to prevent illness, ensure healthy ageing and to cure the ill as quickly as possible. The ministry also seeks to support people with a physical or mental limitation and promotes social participation.They encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyles: to exercise more, to refrain from smoking, to use alcohol moderately, to practice safe sex and to eat healthily. Together with health insurers, health care providers and patient organisations, the Ministry of VWS ensures that people are provided with all facilities necessary and that people have sufficient options for making the right choices.


Companies are not always motivated nor have the necessary capabilities for change. VWS cares about its citizens and feels responsible to offer their citizens more sustainable and healthy offerings. They reached out to GREENDISH to develop a method that can educate and motivate restaurant staff to serve healthier dishes. In the long run, VWS wants to develop tools and instruments that would make it easier for companies in the out-of-home segment (catering and restaurants) to serve healthy (and sustainable) dishes.


In collaboration with GREENDISH a pilot intervention was held in 2 restaurants for two weeks. During those two weeks, restaurant workers were guided via a phone application on how to serve menu engineered dishes with less salt, meat\fish, sugar, fat and serving more vegetables whilst in the same time reducing costs.

GREENDISH has developed, tested and optimized a guidance program to provide catering entrepreneurs with the right knowledge, tools and inspiration to make their menu more sustainable and healthier. The main focus was on guiding and motivating the employees to implement systematic changes and thus realize potential long-term impacts.

Through two pilot weeks, Fletcher restaurants were guided and motivated in making their product range healthier. The product range in restaurants was made healthier and more sustainable through:

  1. Kick-off workshop with the full team (with the aim to provide knowledge to the team members and to motivate them to work on a healthier menu)
  2. Team Challenges on different themes about healthy food (with the aim to try new recipes in practice and to investigate how guests will react to the changes made in the menu)
  3. Focus groups (with the aim to review the successes and decide on future implementation)

The restaurant staff was stimulated to learn through using a mobile phone game with Team Challenges and Tips & Tricks. 


The teams were inspired and actual improvements of the menu was made. Check out the results of the Fletcher case here! The method has also been used in several locations for the Gezond010 Health Challenge project; more information here. 

Whats next

The long-term goal stated by VWS is to develop a scalable tool or instrument that can be used to guide and stimulate stakeholders from a distance. GREENISH is constantly improving the challenge method and continues to do so in the project Restaurants of Tomorrow