Food Choice Engineering

Food Choice Engineering​

Gently nudge consumers

Gently nudge consumers to choose the most sustainable, healthy, and most profitable dishes.

Food Choice Engineering subconsciously guides guests towards the desired food selection. We believe in the power of offering attractive alternatives to encourage guests to make healthier food choices.This is accomplished by applying the latest research in behavioural psychology and cutting-edge marketing and communication strategies.

For the Gezond010 project, we used strategic promotion and product placement to make it easier for customers to identify and choose nutritious, eco-friendly dishes in the supermarket (AH), at a zoo café, in restaurants, hospitals, and catered lunches.

We utilize methods such as “The Route of the Chef” and fun, educational campaigns. In significant research studies, we investigated which types of messaging (health-driven, sustainability-focused, or neutral) work best to direct food choices. Successful marketing communication often comes down to the menu, and we know precisely where to position menu items based on modern psychological research.

With small changes on your plate you can make big impact for the planet and your profitability!

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