Green Team Development


Coach, challenge and engage teams

Coach, challenge and engage teams to boost morale and clinch commitment.

Your team is critical for the maintenance of new practices and long-term results. Green Team Development is a strategy unique to GREENDISH. Participation of staff is empirical for correct and long-term implementation. Developed with the financial support of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Green Team Development has been successfully tested at over 50 food service locations and optimized for different settings at restaurant-chains such as Fletcher and Van der Valk, supermarkets like Albert Heijn (Ahold) and many other type of locations. This service includes our proprietary communication and coaching platform with apps for Android, iOS and a desktop version, tailor-made for the food industry.

We kick-off each program by measuring team knowledge, motivation, and buy-in so that we can visualize its effectiveness. We then facilitate an on-site workshop for the entire kitchen team. They are challenged to become more involved in the process and committed to developing new ideas for the ‘greenification’ of the menu.

Each project begins with a baseline measurement so we can actually visualise the results and effect of the program on motivation, knowledge and enthusiasm of the team. The program starts with a kick-off workshop at the clients location with the entire kitchen team present. During this workshop the team is challenged and triggered to become more engaged, involved and committed to make menu changes , develop new ideas, insights and greenify dishes. There after ‘cuisine chat days’ begin.

Tailored to the team, we give several challenges, assignments and (fun) facts. During this creative learning experience we coach the team via our proprietary platform ‘Cuisine Chat’. The team will experiment with healthier and more sustainable menus and will investigate the impact on preparation time and guest satisfaction. The fact the team is experiencing the effects itself is proven to be crucial to the success and to maintain the positive results over time.  In the final phase we evaluate the assignments with the team and a proposal is made for final menu changes and implementation. In conclusion, we again measure employee motivation, attitude and knowledge to quantify the changes made in the team as our goal is to involve the whole team and keep them motivated in the long-term!

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