Study consumer behavior

Study of consumer behaviour, guest satisfaction, sales results and profitability, practical applicability in the kitchen, waste levels and consumption patterns. We put science to work.

Since our inception in 2011, we’ve performed many scientific research studies in real-life settings to examine the impact of our programs on sales and profitability, guest satisfaction, team commitment, waste reduction, meat and vegetable consumption, nutritional value, and above all, sustainability (particularly, carbon emissions and water- and land-use).

We work closely with Wageningen Economic Research, among other scientific institutes and governmental organizations, to ensure the entire supply chain is included in our research, from food producer to food distributor to food service provider to eventually the consumer.

One of our largest undertakings examined our Sustainable Menu Engineering program. We investigated consumer behavior, waste reduction, food consumption, and guest satisfaction of over of 4,000 plates, over a period over 90 days at three Van der Valk hotel-restaurants. Findings were published in Nutritional science and behaviour and attracted media coverage with an audience of over 50 million people! Find out more in the Van der Valk case study.


In 2017, we investigated 25 kitchens to calculate their average vegetable, meat, and carbohydrates output. In 2018 and 2019, we plan to continue this project to discover trends and improve our programs. Contact us for more information.

Beyond these efforts, we also conduct single-event studies for food service providers who’d like to examine a particular problem and are seeking relevant market insights. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.