Sustainable Menu Engineering

Sustainable Menu Engineering

Optimize menus and dishes

Optimize menus and dishes to reduce environmental impact, costs, and waste while maintaining guest satisfaction and practical applicability.

When crafting dishes, we prioritize portion size and use of sustainable ingredients. We work directly with chefs and their teams to get the best results for the establishment, employees, guests, and the planet!

We optimize dishes and/or entire menus for various types of businesses. From international catering operations and global chains, to small taprooms and local restaurants. In addition we work with school cafeterias, zoos, hospitals, supermarkets, and ToGo Shops.

But don’t take it from us… Our clients’ results speak for themselves.

  • For Compass Group and Eurest, research was conducted to discover how to make their offerings healthier and more eco-friendly while improving the portion sizes and increasing flavor. The outcome? Guest satisfaction skyrocketed and financial savings increased across the board.
  • HMSHost partnered with us to make their popular hot meals more nutritionally and ecologically sound. For example, instead of an herb garnish for greenery, they now serve a full side salad to elevate the dish.